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Paul Cohen – Expert Witness

Paul Cohen is an attorney and real estate broker who is active in day-to-day representation of clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on landlord-tenant and real estate issues. He serves as a consultant and expert witness on all aspects of Landlord Tenant, Real Estate, Property Management, and Fair Housing Laws.

Mr. Cohen is very active with legislation concerning landlords, tenants and real estate issues. He serves as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Joint State Government Commission Subcommittee on Landlord Tenant Law, and as an advisor to the Uniform Law Commission Committee on Landlord Tenant Law. He also serves on various boards and chairs various legislative committees. Additionally, Mr. Cohen was appointed Legal Counsel for The Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors.

Mr. Cohen is a recognized expert on Landlord Tenant Law, having written the most authoritative book on the subject in Pennsylvania. He also is sought out to speak on all aspects of Landlord and Tenant laws, as well as fair housing and real estate issues.

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