Landlord & Tenant Practice

Our landlord/tenant department specializes in representing residential and commercial landlords in all landlord/tenant matters. We are well-known for our effective work with evictions and collection of past due rents. Because of the large volume of cases handled by our firm, our attorneys and staff are equipped to handle these cases as quickly and efficiently as permitted by law. We are capable of handling your landlord & tenant issues throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

Once a money judgment has been obtained and the appeal period has expired, our in-house collections department is experienced in debt collection through all allowable legal means, such as bank garnishments, wage attachment or levying the tenant’s property.


In the event a tenant files bankruptcy as a means of escaping their obligations, our firm is in the vanguard when it comes to bankruptcy law, and we swiftly enable landlords to obtain relief from bankruptcy proceedings so they can proceed with the eviction process. We offer these services at reasonable rates to both residential and commercial clients.


Our firm has vast experience representing landlords when the tenant receives a subsidy for their housing. Just as we strive to serve the needs of a diverse clientele, we understand that our clients come from all walks of life – our services reflect the people we represent.

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